Louise Dany




Kim David Bots

Story Trouble

Session one – 7th, 7-9pm

Session two – 10th, 2-5pm

Session three – 17th, 2-5pm


April 14 – Natasha Marie Llorens


May 3 + 5 – Slow Reading Club

(Bryana Fritz & Henry Andersen)


May 24 – Ronak Moshtaghi


12/2017 Let's talk about what we don't know,

– curated by Pietro Consolandi.

08-09/2017 Practicing Receptivity,

07/2017 July Critique: Jason Havneraas & Goutam Ghosh

03-05/2017 Residency: Nine Herbs Charm

Hannah Mjølsnes – Eric Kim – Saewon Oh –

with Miriam Hansen, Guests: Alexandra Dragne,

03/2017 BAR International Symposium, BAR Project, Barcelona

02/2017 LD Reading Group, Studio17, Stavanger

Podcast by The Ventriloquist Radio

01/2017 LD & FRANK: To Do or Not to Be, Kurant, Tromsø


12/2016 SEXY BOYFRIENDS feat. Klara Ström

11/2016 Lobregat Balaguer / The Office of Culture and Design

10/2016 October Critique: Tobias-Alexander Danielsson

10/2016 ByFlimmer: Abbas Kiarostami's 'Koker Trilogy'

– curated by Sara Yazdani and Kaveh Tehrani

09/2016 UKS: RoamingApichaya Wanthiang

09/2016 UKS: RoamingBjarne Bare, Sigbjørn Bratlie

08/2016 INCA: Sondra PerryResident Evil Seminar

08/2016 August Critique: Julie Niemi

07/2016 July Critique: Pete Fleming

Louise Dany

Neuberggata 5A

Oslo, Norway